Technical Issues


Why can't I see the changes I made?

  • Click Clear Cache on to the top right corner of any page to see your changes.  Sometimes, changes you make aren't visible immediately on the page. After clearing the cache, you should be able to see the changes now.
  • If you still cannot see the changes, clear the cache of your browser (see your browser's documentation for information about clearing its cache).
  • You can also check if the page you created or updated is saved as an unpublished revision or draft. Go to Administration > Content > Manage All Content to check.


Why does the layout look weird in some browsers?

If you use Internet Explorer 8 or an older version, please update your browser. If not, please provide screenshots to the Service Desk.


Why can't I edit some content, i.e., there is no Edit tab?

Some content is displayed in a way that doesn’t show Edit tab or the Edit icon. Example: Timeline content. To edit such content:

  1. Go to Administration > Manage All Content.
  2. Select the content type from the Type drop-down menu and click Apply.
  3. Scroll to the content you want to edit; for example, a particular timeline event.
  4. Click edit, change it as needed, and click Save.

For more information, see the Manage Content section of the user guide.


Why does some HTML code disappear when I save? Why can't I embed some code in the Body field?

For security reasons, some HTML tags are being removed. External iFrames are blocked except for YouTube, UN WebTV, Vimeo, Google Maps, SlideShare and Brightcove. Javascript is also blocked. For more information, email or call the appropriate focal point listed on the help page.


Why do I get this error when trying to edit a page even though no one else is editing it: The content of this page has either been modified by another user...

  1. Go to the Revisions tab for that page
  2. Revert to the previous revision
  3. Once done, revert again to the latest revision


How do I create a short, easy redirection to an existing article or basic page? Or How to redirect the path of a deleted page to a new page to avoid errors?

If you have an article or basic page with a long path name and you require a short, catchy path to use in promotional material, for example, you can create an alias that redirects to the existing page easily.  To do this:

  1. Go to Administration > Content > Manage URL Redirects.
  2. Click Add Redirect.
  3. In the From field, enter the new path for the article or basic page; for example: campaign.
  4. In the To field, enter the current path name of the article or basic page without the site name; for example: mission-july-2015-campaign-to-end-poverty.
  5. To enable the the redirect, ensure that the Enable option is checked.


How do I restore a page I deleted?

To restore a deleted page, you can do one of the following:

  • Request the Service Desk to restore a previous backup.
  • Recreate the page copying the content from Google cache. To do this, look for the page on Google by entering the entire path to the page in the search bar.


Why am I getting an infinite loop error?

This problem happens when you rename an article and then rename it back to the original title. When you rename, a redirect is put in place automatically by the system to ensure no 404 errors occur. However, when you change the new name back to the old name, this creates a loop because of the auto-redirect feature we have. To fix, go to URL redirects at the bottom of the Edit form for that article and remove the redirects.


Why does the RSS.xml page display code?

The RSS.xml is displayed differently in each browser. If you're seeing only XML code, you might want to install an RSS feed reader plugin for your browser. Refer to your browser's documentation on how to install a plugin.


Why does the <About> path not work for block visibility settings?

You should use “about” without “<>” and without capital letters if the path doesn’t have capital letters.


Why the "Enter/line break" adds a new paragraph?

Pressing "Enter" you will get a new paragraph (<p>), pressing SHIFT+ENTER, you will get a line break (<br>).